Escape Camp Picton opens August 9th, 2019 with our first game:

A Spy’s Workshop

Escape Camp Picton presents “A Spy’s Workshop” an immersive escape room game located at historic Camp Picton: a decommissioned WW2 airbase. You are in basic training for the Royal Canadian Air Force but have been selected by the brass for a special mission because of your excellent skills in espionage, code-breaking, and teamwork. You have one hour to find clues and solve puzzles left in a workshop that belongs to a French resistance fighter, legendary inventor and secret agent who goes by the name of Andre Masson. The information hidden in his workshop – if found by the Nazis – would change the course of the war. Your mission is to seek out the clues, solve his puzzles, and destroy the information before the enemies can find it… or you!

Getting here

Escape Camp Picton
9B –  343 County Road 22
Picton, Ontario
K0K 2T0

We’re located in building 9B at the historic Camp Picton. Enter through Camp Picton’s main gates on County Road 22. We’re the 3rd building on your right!


What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are a lot of fun! An escape room is an immersive adventure game in which players must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to achieve an objective in the story of the game. Players “escape” when they have solved all of the puzzles within a specified time. Some teams are successful, and some aren’t. Use cooperation, teamwork and thinking outside the box for your best chance of a successful escape!

What makes Escape Camp Picton special?

Escape Camp Picton is a unique, immersive escape room located at Camp Picton, a former WW2 air force training base. The site is steeped in history, and as the only remaining British Commonwealth Air Training Plan sites in the world with so many buildings still in tact, it is one of Eastern Ontario’s most inspiring architectural heritage sites.

We have developed an escape room inspired by the military training history of the site, integrating artifacts and reproductions into the design and decor. Escape Camp Picton is designed and operated by two of Prince Edward County’s creative families with award-winning designers, experienced event producers, innovative fabricators and multi-media artists in their ranks.

How Do I Contact Escape Camp Picton?

Escape Camp Picton can be contacted by email:

Or by Facebook or Instagram message.

We are quick to reply to our digital messages, and can phone you back if you request.

Are we actually locked in?

No! The entrance door is always unlocked and you can exit the game at any time in case of emergency or to use the washroom. The exit door will be locked: this is the door you are trying to unlock to solve the game.

Is it scary?

No! This is a fun experience that tests your wits and cleverness. It is not designed to scare you.

What are the age restrictions?

The games have been designed to challenge adults, but our games can certainly be enjoyed by younger children and their families. There is nothing gory, graphic or scary about our rooms that make them inappropriate for younger players. Our age policies are:

  • All ages are welcome in the escape rooms.
  • Anyone age 6+ is considered a “player” and must pay full price.
  • Anyone 5 and under is considered a “non-player” and can tag along for free.
  • For everyone’s safety and comfort, the total number of players and non-players cannot exceed the game room maximum.
  • Players 10 and under must have an adult in the room with them to play.
  • Players 14 and under must have an adult chaperone on site with them. The adult does not need to play, but they must remain on site for the duration of the game.
  • Players 15+ may play without an adult chaperone on site.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled game start time. Leave plenty of time to find the location, check in, sign the waiver, and use the washroom facilities before you get started. Each booking gets 60 minutes in the room. If you are late, we cannot extend your time in the room, so make sure you arrive early so you get your full 60 minutes to play the game.

How long does the experience take?

You have up to 60 minutes in the room to solve the puzzles and escape. Some teams will complete the room in less than 60 minutes, some teams will need the full 60 minutes. You will want to budget about 90 minutes at the site including prep time, play time and exit celebrations!

Can I take photos or video in the room?

No electronic devices are allowed in the room. You will be provided with a locker to lock up your valuables during the game.

What are your hours?

Monday – 11 am – 6pm
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday 11 am – 9 pm
Friday 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

See our booking calendar for available time slots.

We may adjust our hours based on demand, so feel free to email us to inquire about reservations outside these hours.

Do I need to book in advance?

Advance booking is highly recommended at Escape Camp Picton.

The game site is staffed based on confirmed bookings – if there are no bookings, there may be no staff on site to receive last-minute or walk-in guests. Booking in advance is the only way to guarantee your time slot.

All bookings are made online and all available time slots are listed on our online calendar. We require 2 hours notice for all bookings.

How can I make a booking?

All bookings are made online.

All availability we have is listed there, so you can be sure you are seeing the most up to date calendar of bookings.

Will I have to play with strangers?

All games are open unless you book a private game. If you would like to book a private game for a group of less than the maximum players for the room, please select this option when you make your booking. It may cost a little more depending on how many players you have, but it ensures that the room is yours and only yours. Otherwise, your game will be open for others to join, and you may be scheduled to play with strangers. Embrace the fun of meeting new people and the advantage of a larger group with a bigger skill set!

How many players can play?

Escape Camp Picton has two rooms: Room #1 is open now and is designed for smaller groups of 2-5, Room #2 will be open in the near future and is designed for larger groups of 5-10. Both rooms feature the same game, modified for larger or smaller groups.

A minimum booking for Room #1 is 2 players. Maximum is 5
A minimum booking for Room #2 is 5 players. Maximum is 10


What's the price?

Room #1: $30 per player + HST and fees (Private Room = minimum booking of $120 + HST fees)
Room #2: $30 per player + HST and fees (Private Room = minimum booking of $210 + HST and fees)

There are no age-based discounts or group rates. Occasionally, Escape Camp Picton will announce discounts and promotions through Facebook, Instagram and our Enewsletter. Lke us, follow us and subscribe for deals!

What's the cancellation policy?

Bookings can only be modified with 48 hours notice: players can exchange for a different date/time or obtain “store credit” with 48 hours advance notice. Refunds are not available.

No-shows will be charged for the full amount of their booking without the opportunity for exchange or credit.

Email us at to adjust a booking.

Are there video cameras in the room?

Yes. The Game Room Master uses closed circuit TV to monitor and assist your game.

What are the Accessibility features at Escape Camp Picton?

Due to the historical nature of the site, Escape Camp Picton is not a barrier-free experience. The parking area is unpaved, and players must cross uneven gravel and grass to access the building. The building itself has three stairs at the entrance and exit. Washroom facilities are non-gendered, non-accessible port-a-potties located approximately 50 meters from the escape room building. Once inside the building, the entire game experience is located on a single level with limited obstacles for guests with mobility concerns. The escape room games include visual, tactile and audio clues. Service animals are welcome. Support persons accompanying people with disabilities are entitled to a 50% discount (inquire by email). We are happy to discuss individual accessibility needs and are eager to accommodate in any way we can. Please email us to start a conversation.

How difficult is the game?

The game has been designed to provide a medium challenge level: challenging enough for experienced players to enjoy, but still accessible for new players. We are a new escape room and do not have escape rate statistics yet. We will post them as soon as they are available!

How can I book a walking tour of Camp Picton?

The owners of Camp Picton (Loch Sloy Business Park) regularly offer walking tours of the camp. Check out their Facebook events for upcoming dates:

Can I explore the Camp Picton site before or after the game?

Camp Picton is private property, and the historical nature of the property presents some hazards. Visitors to Escape Camp Picton are asked NOT to wander through the Camp Picton site before or after you play the escape room. If you would like to book a guided walking tour of the site, or request permission and a waiver to walk the site unattended, please contact the Loch Sloy Business Park office at (613) 476-3064 /

What are the expectations of the players?

All players are expected to sign and adhere to a code of conduct prior to playing. Escape Camp Picton is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity and where all individuals are safe. Harassment, abuse and violent acts will not be tolerated from any person. Discrimination and hate speech have no place at Escape Camp Picton.

Players are expected to:

  • share in the responsibility for creating an environment free of harassment, violence, abuse and discrimination
  • NOT play the game if under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to everyone’s enjoyment of the game
  • respect the property of Escape Camp Picton, and not wilfully damage anything while on the premises
  • sign a confidentiality agreement, agreeing not disclose the details of the game or its solutions to others after playing
  • sign a waiver and release prior to playing the game

Any player who does not meet these expectations will not be permitted to play the game, and may be ejected from the premises.

Will you escape Camp Picton?


Escape Camp Picton is a new escape room attraction opening at Camp Picton in the summer of 2019. This unique escape room takes inspiration from its location at a decommissioned WW2 air base – blending heritage, history and an unforgettable game experience.

Escape Camp Picton is designed and operated by a team of County-based artists and creative producers: Glen Wallis, Vanessa Rieger, Julianne Snepsts, Susan Wallis and Paul Snepsts.

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